Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hallelujah - It's Spring!

I realize that anyone who lives north of Florida would smack me for this, but seriously - it was an unusually cold winter. No, really! Especially for us native Floridians. We're like strawberries - we can handle a freakishly cold day here and there, but successive cold days might actually kill us.

So it's with a glad and humble heart that I welcome spring. It's been in the 70s for several days, the sky a lovely blue today, and the sun is shining. Best of all, my back yard is once again showing signs of life.

I've misplaced my camera, so I haven't taken as many photographs as I would like to; the iPhone camera has several limitations, most importantly (at least when you're talking tiny green buds), it doesn't have a close-up view.

But I did add two new and neat apps to the iPhone last night: Hipstamatic, which allows you to take photos that look aged, plus other cool effects, and TiltShiftGenerator, which also allows you to fiddle with color saturation, focus, and other photo effects. Both say that the app gives your photos a "toy camera look" - but I have no idea what that means.

Anyway, the azalea bush in the back is going crazy:

Photo taken with the Hipstamatic (John S lens, Kodot Verichrome film, standard flash)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tiki, babies, and other awesome things I must leave the house in order to appreciate

First, did I mention I'm walking for babies THIS SATURDAY? And that I haven't made my lame fundraising goal? Hmm?

Secondly, and weirder, a tiki art show!

The Hukilau (warning: great site, but starts off with music - the player is at the bottom left of the page) is an annual event celebrating Hawaiian and Polynesian Pop culture while honoring the historic Tiki bar, the Mai Kai, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I've been whining about going for several years now, but can't get anyone to go with me, and this little lady doesn't go running around South Florida alone.

ANYWAY, the Hukilau is sponsoring an art show at the Bold Hype gallery in Orlando, beginning April 17 through May 8. Now, Orlando - not as far away as Ft. Lauderdale, AND the show is free. There will a ton of great art from contemporary artists, such as one of my favorites, Shag, and more. The opening night is going to have fun events, as well! Says the gallery owner:

"It's going to be a really fun night, with a tiki bar, music, food, and tons of tiki art. Scott Scheidly will have a new limited edition tiki mug, which will be for sale, and one lucky winner will receive it free, by wearing hawaiian shirt/dress you are automatically entered into the raffle. Opening night, Saturday April 17th, will go from 8 to midnight. The artwork will be up for a month after that. There is no fee to get in at any point."

Doesn't that sound like fun? Don't you want to go?

And don't forget the Hukilau itself - this is a tiki-must!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Help me reach my goal - sponsor me at March for Babies!

Were you thinking about giving a little bit to March of Dimes this year? If so, why not do so via me? Every little bit counts!