Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's on! Oh, and we got a fooseball table.

The wedding date is set!

We're getting married on Saturday, May 2, 2009. Most likely at 7 p.m. Yay! This is a huge step forward for us - we have our site and date. We had originally wanted April, and the only reason we didn't consider May is that so much is already going on that month (lots of birthday, anniversaries, Memorial Day weekend). But the reason we picked April was because the weather is consistently nice at that time of year. But a week or two later isn't going to hurt anything.


Kyle picked up his fooseball table last night:

He bought it from some kid. For sitting around in a bachelor pad for a couple of years, it's in shockingly good condition, and it's well-made. It's not a Tornado, but it's solid. And Kyle got it for such a great price (he saved hundreds versus buying a new one), I can overlook the fact that it doesn't exactly go with our interior design plan of natural colors. Chrome doesn't really show up in the "naturals" palette too often.

Right now it's in the dining room. I'm sure that's where it will stay until we get around to purchasing an actual dining set. However, there are many, many expenses standing in between now and that time. Like getting married.

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Kim said...

We could totally do a faux-mahogany finish over the black to give it a more classic look. I've been dying for a project that calls for a wood-graining comb!