Friday, April 23, 2010

A Thing of Beauty, and It's About Beer!

Through the magic of blogging, I came across the most beautiful poster for a beer festival ever:

It's for the Copenhagen Beer Festival 2010 (here's a link to their web site, but it's in ... Swedish?). The fine fellow who writes A Good Beer Blog received a few of these lovely things from yet another beer blogger, Knut Albert, who posted about the festival on his blog (named, aptly "Knut Albert's Beer Blog").

There's not a chance in hell I'll be making it to Denmark this . . . May (I think that's May), but I love the poster. Simple, clean lines, beautiful beery color - very Art Deco. How pretty would this look framed and hanging? Would you think me a poser for having it up in my living room if you knew I hadn't gone?

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