Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiter, this water is dirty! Wait, this is beer?

Walgreens is now selling their own private label beer and wine. Not surprisingly, it's really, really cheap. Like, Natural Light-cheap. reports (and provided the photo above) that the beer, Big Flats 1901, is brewed by Genessee in upstate New York for Walgreens. Now, I've actually had Genessee Cream Ale, and it's not good. Not that I ever imagined a beer by Walgreens would be good, but now knowing the origin, I'm positive.
As if any more proof was needed that this is going to be a terrible beer, the photo does it for me. THAT'S BEER? It's not even yellow. It's ... I don't know. There's a pinkish cast to it.
Being a former Natty Light drinker, I can attest to the attraction of really, really light beer. It's perfect for, say, post-yard work. You come in from the 98-degree heat of summer, just finished with mowing the lawn, and the lightest beer possible is a quenching drink. But THIS? This looks like bad water.
On the up side, it's apparently being sold at $2.99 a six-pack. Which is exactly what a sixer of Natty Light used to cost. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.
If it becomes available locally, I may have to try it, just in order to know of what I trash-talk.

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