Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

We're going to California!

I booked our flight to San Francisco for our honeymoon! I'm getting pretty excited. I received my 2009 Official State Visitor's Guide and Travel Planner from and flipped through it last night. The highlights are the pull-out section on Yosemite and the big-ass map of California.

Kyle had already drawn up a draft agenda:

Redwood National Park

(Which is a 5 hour drive north from San Francisco. Hmmm....)

Two Days in SF:
  • Fishermans Wharf
  • Alcatraz (eh)
  • Giants game (eh)
  • cable cars

To which I'd add some awesome restuarants like The Stinking Rose and visiting historic Art Deco architecture.

Santa Cruz/Monterey

My biggest desire here is to drive US 1, down the California coast, specifically Big Sur. I've been looking at photos my whole life and I'm dying to see it for myself. I want to do the 17-mile drive down Pebble Beach. I've heard it's awesome; lots of mansions and dramatic coastline. Oh, and gated - costs $9.

Yosemite National Park

This is the other big deal. It's such a big park, it's hard to pick what we'll do - we'll probably only stay one night, two at the most. Going in May, it's still going to be chilly, but the falls are supposed to be awesome this time of year.

We were disappointed to find that the Ahwahnee Hotel was booked. We were hoping to make this one of our big splurges - although just a quick glance at reviews on TripAdvisor show it's rated horribly. Hmm. Maybe we dodged a bullet. Looking around, it looks like lodging is already filling up and expensive...

Wine Country

  • Sonoma/Napa Valley

I don't think we'll have time for this.

We really only have Tuesday-Sunday, which sounds like a lot until you add in driving time and the sheer amount of stuff. That's basically two days for San Fran, two for Yosemite and two for Big Sur country or wine country.

I wonder if we're trying to squeeze too much in?

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