Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farewell, old girl - you served me well.

The Sentra is dead.

I've had this car for twelve years. I leased it brand-spanking new in 1997, and start paying for it outright three years later. I've driven that little tan car (official color "champagne") all over Florida, putting 208,000 miles on her.

She's been good to me - one major repair, and only a couple minor ones. Sure, the visors fell off five years ago, the "check engine" light came on six years ago (and has never gone off), the headliner is drooping, and faulty wiring causes my left brake light to go out regardless of how many bulbs I put in there, but she got me from point A to point B nicely, without using too much gas.

She's been through an entire relationship with me. Seen me buy two houses, move to a new town and job, get married.

When she started acting "funny" a year or so ago, I tried not to think about it. Over that time, the engine has gotten quirkier and quirkier - to the point where I stopped driving out of town: past dark at first, and then stopped driving out of town altogether.

So when the inevitable finally came to pass, I wasn't really surprised. Wished it hadn't happened after work, in the middle of a busy intersection, in the pouring rain. But not surprised. One second the engine's rumbling along, the next: nothing. No sputtering, no slow-down. Just on, and then off.

Kyle took it to a trusted friend who happens to also be a mechanic - whatever the problem is (something to do with timing chains and sprockets, maybe), it would cost twice as much to fix it as the car's worth.

So the old girl is done for. She's served me well - I definitely gotten my $17,000 (plus a shamefully huge amount of interest) out of her. Rest in peace, Sentra.

It's time to look forward. Ugh, car shopping.

My 1997 Nissan Sentra, a long, long time ago

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Janet said...

Awww, you included the picture! That was the first time I met "her", you brought her by to show me for the first time!