Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Puppy Hell

Our puppy is a vampire!

Miss Murphy is slowly draining the life out of us. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: How the hell do parents of real-life babies do this? Kyle and I are exhausted and cranky, and all we've got a dang dog.

A dog that won't sleep at night. That chews on everything except the toys we give her. Whose teeth are like tiny ceramic razors. Sigh...

I'm not sure if I've even blogged about getting a dog, now that I'm thinking about it. Kyle's been wanting an Australian shepherd for years, and I've been putting him off. First a house, then a wedding, then the dog. I can only handle one major life-altering event at a time.

So Miss Murphy Brown was born May 1, and we picked her up June 27. That's right - a little over a week, and we're in despair.

I don't think Kyle really thought about how time-consuming this stage of puppy-hood is. You have to keep an eye on them at all times or they're all over the place, leaving a path of destruction in their cute, fuzzy little wake.

But she's pretty dang cute:


Dixie Starr said...

She is pretty much the cutest demon ever...

Kim said...

She is definitely adorable. I love how she has two shades of brown and those cute little white paws. It makes me think she's the puppy version of Neopolitan ice cream.

Hang in there!

erin said...

i don't think it's an accident that baby animals (people or dogs) are so cute...it's how nature keeps parents (surrogate or otherwise) from being overcome with frustration and sleep deprivation and risking ending the species.
keep your chin up--it won't last forever! before you know it, you'll be that couple with "that awesome dog murphy", and this will just be a horror story you tell new puppy owners.