Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year! Now, what to change?

So even though I now have a computer at home, I still didn't blog over the holidays. Frankly, I feel more isolated at work than at home. Perhaps I need a home office. It's hard to put your thoughts down when you're sitting on the couch being pestered by the dog ("Throw the ball! Throw the ball!") and have your lovely husband peering over your shoulder ("Why are you on the computer? Watch tv with meeeeee!").

The holidays were wonderful, and I got an iPhone for Christmas! A 3Gs. When I opened the box, I danced around like a child. Being addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and text-messaging is even easier now! My first apps to download:

TweetDeck (for Twitter)
PS Mobile (by PhotoShop)
Bejeweled 2
NYT Mobile (New York Times)
myWireless (AT&T)
Peggle (game)
Epicurious (recipes galore!)
Sextuple Lite (word game)
NPR News

I looooove it. Kyle actually sacrificed his own phone upgrade in order to buy it for me - isn't he a peach?

Speaking of Kyle, he's growing a beard. It took all of nine days to get full. I'll have to take a photo soon; he's tiring of it.

I actually made a new year's resolution this year - get to the office earlier. I had been going in (and leaving) late, to spend more time with the puppy, but now that she's 8 months, I need to stop using her as an excuse. I've actually done pretty well! Of course, it's only been a little over a week, but still, it's progress.

The new year has also prompted some sartorial introspection. I'd like to expand my wardrobe, to inject a little style into it. In thinking about style, I realize - I have no personal style! I mean, does an endless parade of jeans and solid-color tops count as a style? I think not.

But even when I try and imagine what my "style" would be, I come up short. Don't get me wrong - I know what cut looks good on my frame: boot cut jeans to minimize my thighs and butt and lengthen the leg, fabric that lays flat on my torso to emphasize what little bust I have and show off my (relatively) flat stomach. I like certain colors - red, orange, brown, teal, turquoise. But when it comes to details, I'm lost.

Of course, if a personal style can be defined as "a distinctive quality," I probably have one. I'm sure most of my friends could guess what I'm wearing right now and be very close to correct. I'm so consistent in what I like that one friend even can point out "Jen shoes."

And I don't want to change who I am - I'm not looking to make myself over. But I do need to go shopping (an activity I happen to loathe), and I'd like to add a little kick to wardrobe.

One friend has suggested scarves as being versatile and budget-conscious. Do you have any suggestions?

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