Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dumb Beer Laws

Did you know that craft beer above 5% ABW is illegal in Mississippi? Neither did I! What a shame - they're missing out on some great beer (like all those Belgium browns I've been swooning over).
And now, thanks to dumb beer laws, the people of Mississippi--and Alabama--are missing out on a chance to support a good cause.
Abita is putting out a "Save Our Shores" pilsner, with a portion of the proceeds going to efforts to fight the effects of the Gulf oil spill.
Cool, right?
But it's going out in 22 oz. bottles, making it illegal to sell in Alabama, and it's 7% alcohol, making it illegal in Mississippi.
So some of the very people who Abita hoped to help can't even buy the damn beer!  
The Mississippi Brew Blog has more on why SOS will be sold in 22 oz. bottles, and that's where I learned about that particular state's dumb beer law. And I learned about this farce first at Appellation Beer, a blog that if you're not already reading, you should be. It's written by Stan Hieronymus, journalist and dude who knows his beer.
(Abita is also selling S.O.S. gear, and 100% of profits from the sales of their magnets, t-shirts, and hats will go to the effort.)

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