Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Summer Beer: Wacko

What? It's Florida, people. It's HOT. Wait, it's hot everywhere this year, isn't it? At least on the East Coast. So here's a beer for everybody.
Anyway, my creative friend Kim (aka The Sassy Crafter) suggested this beer to me. It's Magic Hat Brewing Company's Wacko - a summer ale (maybe) with a pinkish/reddish tinge. I liked it; I was worried it would be sweet since they mention on the front label that it's brewed with beet sugar, but it wasn't. Much like Kim reported, it's crisp and light. I think the beets are there for color - I didn't taste anything... beety. Of course, I don't remember the last time I ate beets...
What I usually like about summer ales versus my other favorite "holy Moses, it's hot as hell" beer, American light lagers, is there's still a little herbal snap to it. The hops, I presume (and could be presuming wrong - I'm only now learning the minutiae of the brewing process). Wacko was a little closer to a light lager than an ale; if you'd have taken a couple dollars off the price of a six pack and covered the label, I would have guessed it was a specialty summer beer made by one of the Big Guys - Miller, perhaps. And I don't necessarily mean that as an insult; I like light lagers made by Big Guys. Miler Lite is my Cheap Summer Beer.
I was amused by the reviews over on Beer Advocate - Wacko was mainly given a "C" grade, even though many said it was "drinkable" and would definitely have another one. That's a "C" beer?
I should give you a link to Magic Hat site, but it's really awful: heavy on the Flash, light on easily-accessible information. And they commit the most terrible web sin: music. That YOU CAN'T TURN OFF. Ugh! I understand that you've got an arty thing going on up there in Vermont. I actually like the label (damn you, Ed Hardy, for covering your douchebag-couture with hearts, skulls, and daggers!), but I don't need to watch a little cartoon of the making of it. TELL ME ABOUT THE BEER.

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