Thursday, June 19, 2008

FSU Men's Track and Field Three-peat!

Florida State University's men's track and field team just earned their third national championship in a row! I realize that nothing matters outside of football, but that's still pretty impressive. Our super-hero is sprinter Walter Dix, a senior with 18 All-American honors and eight national championships. He will graduate this year with what has to be one of the best sprinting careers in collegiate history.

I really hope he makes it to the Olympics. Like men's track coach Bob Braman says, "If he makes the Olympic team it really vindicates people staying in school."

The women's team, while not as dominant as the men's, had one crazy-amazing moment: sophomore Hannah England blew everyone else away in the 1500 meter. Not only was it her personal best, it was also the best in collegiate races this year - period. Most importantly, it's the best the NCAA Championships had ever seen.

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