Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Power of a Link

We're going to be working with an agency to design the new site we're working on and while putting together some information for them, I was running our Gardening in a Minute site's numbers (shout-out to Google Analytics!).

There was a HUGE spike in visits on June 7 - more than twice our daily average. That's great, but something that weird, you've gotta dig a little deeper. Looking at the sites through which people found us (did they Google us, click a link on the university site, etc.) I see an equal number of visits coming through www.baynews9.com, a Tampa Bay television station's Web site.

Visiting baynews9.com, I find an article published on, yep, you guessed it - June 7, titled "Gardening: a growing trend as fuel prices rise." And what should they list in their "more information" links but little 'ol Gardening in a Minute.

So a significant number of people who've probably never heard of us before are now aware of our Web site, all because of a simple link. Luckily, the radio show will soon air down in Tampa, so they'll be able to hear us, too.

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